Sunday, June 22, 2014

Saying Hi to all the family descendants who have contacted me over the years. I've not been able to help much beyond what I have here. I did, up until a few years ago, maintain a family database (kept private) of some current family members. I still have it in case anyone would like to organize a family reunion.

Today I"m saying Hi in particular to Michelle, descendant of Ellen (Sophie) Eriksen. Let me mention 'Pat' who has researched the 'Thomas' families and has a photograph of Betsy and Andrew and their seven children. Wouldn't we love to see it.

The Eriksen family farm.

Andrew Eriksen had a farm, I'm not sure where it was, outside of Pahiatua perhaps. Family members worked on the farm at times if not all the time. This area of research is hazy and needs to be understood as such, facts are hard to find. For instance Stanley Joseph Eriksen may have been known as 'Joe'. A 'Joe Eriksen or Erikson' and his wife fostered a relative's daughter, Jean,  born out of wedlock who remembered the farm.
Does anyone have a photograph of the farm or Joe's family?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eugene Francis Ambrose Dunkley honored

This article appeared in the Waitomo News. Click on image to enlarge it.